As the term implies to do with physical properties, real estate is the right to the owned property.
There are four residential commercials, industrial land.
*Residential real estate covers the sale of both new and old constructions built and the old home.
It’s mainly about the sale of family homes. It could be family homes of different building duplexes, etc.
* Commercial real estate is the sale of commercial buildings, sale buildings, profits like shopping, hospitals, schools, hotels, and offices since these buildings generate profits, and apartment buildings can be included even though they are residential areas
* industrial real estates have manufacturing properties such as warehouse properties/facility on which commercial activities such as product storage and distributors of good, also includes research building.
The buildings which deal with goods distribution can also be classified as commercial real estates.
Lands include working farms and could also be an area where no activities are performed. It could just be vacant
The real estate agents are those people who help property owners to sell all types of properties listed above
And this is where REDX comes in
REDX is a software company that provides real estate agent with the highest quality homeowner lead data through our vortex prospecting platform
REDX is an online company where real estate agents meet their various customers.
with REDX it helps real estate agents develop their skills on marketing properties for their customers
To enable professionalism among real estate agents and substantial growth in business strategies. REDX also create a stable relationship between the real estate agents and their clients
while satisfying both parties

Real estate has been considered and is still considered to build wealth regularly than other assets. Although this can only be possible if one is able to figure out what the best and most productive real estate strategies. Knowing and understanding these strategies would prevent unnecessary losses and mistakes.

This is one of the most common strategies. This is quite common among first-timers in the real estate business. It’s quite straight forward, and it’s a little hassle at times. One has to purchase or build a property and put it out for rent. As long as one maintains the property and keep tenants, one is sure to acquire some monthly income.
Though investing in rental properties can be straight-forward and hassle-free only if the tenants are responsible. That is why a contract should be drafted to suit you and your client, and proper screening should be ensured to avoid the stress of being a landlord. One can always do hire a mediator/a property management company to take care of everything.

    One can always buy a property to sell at a later time because of the inflation rate. Due to inflation, the value of a property can increase over time. This is why the strategy is one of the best to invest in. But one has to be very careful in doing this, and researches have to be made. There is the need to find out what type of property would be appealing to your client and also the locality of the property; how do the real estate agents there operate, and at the same time how to increase the value of your property so you won’t be at the losing end. It’s mostly better to buy a property that can be rented out right before it’s sold, as maintaining the property can be financially draining.

This is mainly a short term investment as opposed to the previous strategy. Although it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme as it is portrayed to be, it involves buying a property and renovating it to look more appealing and giving it a more aesthetic look. There is a need to be actively involved in the project, and it needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid losing money in excess and you should also be involved with the repairs and renovations to ensure it is done accordingly.

    This is for those with low capital
    Instead of directly buying a property, your search for someone with property and wants to sell. Those with good marketing skills are better suited for this strategy. You just have to market the house and assign it to the buyer. So you actually have to spend a little money while you be receiving a lot as you’ll get paid for getting the properties sold. But the downside of this strategy is that you don’t exactly work at your own time but a specific given time.
    REITs, real estate investment trusts it’s mainly about the sale of shares. This is quite popular and known as one of the most productive real estate strategies. You just have to find the right time for the shares to be sold. When properly done, it can be quite fruitful.
    The only opposition here is the fact that the sales of shares are just like the investment in the stock market and this as we all know can be quite unstable.
  1. BRRRR
    This means, Buy-Remodel-Rent-Refinance-Repeat. This involves the buying of a property that needs to be renovated, remodeled, and then after remodeling it, you rent out the property. And the property is refinanced for you to recover all or more than your initial investment. After this, the process, BRRRR, is then repeated. This is done using the money that was refinanced to invest in different properties that yields greater income.
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