Despite the title, determining whether something is the best is a decision left for you to make. I’m going to be super biased in this article but for solid reasons. Reasons that I and countless others just like you benefit from tremendously. 

In this article, you will see the top five reasons why (In my opinion) network marketing is the best business you can get started in 2020. Things that differentiate it from other business models of its kind. So, let’s begin, shall we? 


Network marketing is a business model that’s structured around person-to-person sales by independent representatives to customers. A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with sales or lead generation. 

There are many reputable network marketing operations, but some have denounced as illegal pyramid schemes. Reason being that anyone can get started (sometimes with illegitimate motives). But let’s explore a few reasons why diehard fans rave about this unique business opportunity below. 


Now it’s tough to fit the laundry list of benefits associated with network marketing, but I’ve chosen to narrow it down to just five. These five benefits will explore areas often not discussed in other articles, and they will encourage you to do more research on this phenomenal business opportunity. I’ve summarized these five points so that you can do some further thinking of your own. 

Here are the five top benefits of Network Marketing;

  1. You get a Low Cost and Low Overhead business model.
  2. You get Unlimited Earning Potential with Diverse Product Lines.
  3. You can build Multigenerational. 
  4. You have Full Autonomy over Income.
  5. You can earn Passive Income Part-time or full-time. 

Nobody ever starts a business unless they know it will benefit them and their family. You should be confident that where you invest your time is selected wisely, so let’s dive deeper into these listed benefits.


Above all, I think this is the most beneficial. I know the average person doesn’t walk around with thousands of dollars in their pockets, looking for the next business to invest. So, for a couple of hundred dollars (varying with whom you choose to work with and your level of upfront commitment), you can get started with your own business. 

The cost of business maintenance is meager compared to other forms of business. The network marketing company you choose to work with will handle the products’ manufacturing and delivery cost. All you have to do is acquire a customer, and you’ll be rest assured that they’ll get their purchases at no extra price to you (unless you have the item on hand). 


Most companies like Amway offer a diverse range of skin and personal care products, weight loss, sports and workout nutrition, homecare, etc. So you are not limited by market demands or personal preference or experience. 

Although, It’s always a good idea to sail new waters hence why you’re reading this article. But there’s no pressure to market any specific product you’re not interested in with this diversity level. When choosing a company to work with, select the one that gives you a wide variety. 


If you are like me, you wouldn’t want to work so hard at building something and not pass it down to your kids and their kids, and so on. That’s how legacies get created. Look at the Rockefellers! Everyone can find their unique voice in network marketing, so there is no pressure to become a particular type of person or put up an image against who they are. 

Many people have seen insane financial success in building a network marketing business as a family. Companies like Amway take pride in that and honor such achievements in their magazine publications and recognition events. If you’re looking to wealth for your entire family, I’d recommend you consider this. 


Not everyone wants to own a yacht and three mansions (but if you do, I’m with you!). The point is in a network marketing business; you get to determine how much money you want to make. Whether it’s a couple of thousand dollars or a million-plus dollars, it’s all possible because of these companies’ unique compensation plan. 

Some start their businesses to help with the bills, while some want to achieve financial security and independence. The sky is the limit in this arena, and nobody can dictate how much you make or don’t make, only your efforts. Ultimately the choice is yours, and you have the freedom to explore all of your capabilities. 


There are two types of people that will be reading this article. The person searching for a worthy side hustle to support their current careers or slightly increase their lifestyle. Then, there’s the other person looking to invest in a business and become a full-time business operator. You have both of these options here, so the choice is yours. 

You decide how far you want to go in life, and based on that, you can tailor this vehicle to suit your needs. The beauty of growing a network marketing business is that you earn an income passively. Whether you decide to be in Hawaii or capturing polar bears in Antarctica, you still can make money on the go! Developing the right team of people and leaders within those teams who can pull their weight opens up time for you to spend on what matters the most. Tons of people are traveling the world with their families because they’ve built their businesses, as I have just described! No chains of having to be at any specific location! 


So often, people focus on the negative associated with network marketing. The reality is that it’s an easily accessible model, which is excellent! But also anyone can get in! Because one person had a bad experience working with a specific team doesn’t mean you should discredit the industry. Do further research! Seek out experts in the industry to ask questions. 

I hope I have been able to shed some light on this topic for you. I hope I have given you some good take aways to put into consideration. I also hope that you take advantage of all the beautiful opportunities that life has to offer! 

I currently own and operate my own network marketing business, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! In a world where the internet and social media are available, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to generate an income for myself and my family! 

Well, that’s all I have for now. But stick around as we will be discussing more on this topic in the future! If you want to get some information from me, personally, I’ll leave my contact information below! Just send a simple ‘hello,,’ and I’ll get back to you. 

Till then, I wish you the best of luck! 

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