How To Run Facebook Ads 2020

   How To Run Facebook Ads, well it’s all simple

As we all know, almost everybody owns a Facebook account in 2020 facebook recorded about 2.6billlion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020

Facebook is known as the biggest social network worldwide

this will help you decide if you’re still thinking if Facebook is the best platform to make ads for your business

if you are a beginner who knows absolutely nothing on Facebook at ads, after reading this guide without missing a word, you’ll have a full understanding of how to run it.

  What is a Facebook ads manager and how can you access it easily?
   This is an ad management tool to make, edit, and analyze paid promotional Facebook campaign.
  Facebook is probably the most dedicated online advertising channel it has over 2.6 billion users per latest estimates monthly. This stands as an opportunity for marketers to use it as an advertising platform. How about lots of people who don’t know how to create and run Facebook ads.

How To Run Facebook Ads

There are ways of helping you create your first Facebook ads, you can follow the few steps down below to help you if any difficulty.

types of facebook ads

  1. image ads
  2. video ads
  3. video poll ads
  4. carousel ads
  5. collection ads

I’ll explain how they work bellow


This is a simple and great way to start with Facebook ads, now its depends on what you want to advertise, I mean the product image you would want to make ads for, you can create one with just a few clicks by boosting an existing post with an image from your Facebook page


by using this strategy this way people will get more information about the product you want to use for Facebook ads, which you should provide good and explainable content for people to understand the video product you’re putting out

steps to craete your video ads on facebook

  1. go to the ads manager of your Facebook app
  2. click on + create
  3. choose an objective that supports video and then click on continue
  4. chose your audience, placement, and optimization and then click on continue and your video is been created and ready to be published


The Facebook video poll ads are known to be more effective than normal regular video ads.

It is a new type of facebook paid advertising

To help you create your first Facebook video poll ads, follow this steps bellow

  1. go to ads manager on your Facebook app
  2. click on + create
  3. choose an objective that supports poll ads either brand awareness, reach traffic, app installs, or conversation and then click continue
  4. choose your targeting, placement, and budget and click continue
  5. below format, you can choose either image or video

then your facebook video poll ads is ready!


With carousel ads, you can use up to 10 images or videos to showcase your product or services

with is this benefit you can use this format to highlight the different benefit of one product which is very helpful for an individual who is trying to sell an item on Facebook


collection ads is a type of paid Facebook ads which are offered only for a mobile device.

It allows you to showcase five products or more at a time, which any customer can click to buy

with this process you can buy any product of your choice without leaving the mobile Facebook app, this process makes shopping easy on Facebook.

Below are few steps on how to run Facebook ads

*Interest-based Targeting
     You are to create ads, you need to focus on the audience’s versatility. So the ads could be targeted at people with a specific age group, people with similar interests, gender, location, education, etc
   Say, an organization, the fashion brand releases a new line of clothes for females, your targets and focus would obviously be on them and you could probably get them to try your product. It would be totally weird to center your ads on males for a set of female clothes and laughable too.
   What I’m saying, in essence, is you would have to target your ads based on specific people/stuff where they are needed. Doing this we can take quite a number of buyers, brand advocates, and so on.

*Create a Compelling Lead Magnet
     When I say a lead magnet, I basically mean a free item or an ethical bribe. This is created for the purpose of collecting contact details. For example, the lead magnet could be; samples, e-newsletters, free consultations, trial subscriptions, etc. Lead magnets are used to create head sales. This is actually kind of an enticement. It is a means to give prospective buyers an inside view of what your company/ brand is into.

*Converting  Landing Pages to Facebook Leads
    Once a landing page has been created, the next thought should be on the conversion. This is pretty much important especially as you start getting Facebook clicks and visit us on your page. Your landing page should have basic things like headline, subtitle, call to action (CTA) which can be tested and improved. CTAs should always be made to look different for a better understanding. They could be made to have different colors, or even positioning them differently will help. Doing this can help increase conversions. Introducing difference in CTAs differently to help communication value would certainly have a large impact Sent from my iPhone

To help create a better video which will be more interacting and engaging to the audience

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